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One challenge we always have on the Homestead is stains in clothes.  Since I try to avoid many of the spray and wash type cleaners, I had to come up with a natural alternative that actually worked on those brutal kid and farm stains!

These Laundry bars are made from pure coconut oil with no extra fat.  Coconut oil is natures Super Cleaner – wow is it powerful stuff!  I added just a dash of Lemon and Litsea essential oils for a slight scent.  Tests on Mustard, Ketchup, blood, permanent marker, grass stains, spaghetti sauce, baby poop and more reported by myself and friends were amazing!  These bars compete very well with any commercial stain remover.  As a bonus, you can use them as a soap for washing up hand washables or for quick washups of clothes while camping etc.

To use as a stain treatment, dampen the article and bar.  (Always test in an inconspicuous location first.  Wearing gloves, as this soap is very drying on skin, rub the bar into the stain until it’s nice and sudsy.  Allow the article to sit and the soap to work.  Usually I leave it until it almost starts drying, up to an hour.  Then, launder as usual.  No need to rinse!  Make sure to check that stain is gone before putting it in the dryer.  Huge challenges like mustard or very set in stains may require a second or third treatment, but most seem to only need one.


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